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Design and production of steel and aluminium structures. Design and  production of steel and aluminium structures

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Zaklad Elektryczno-Metalowy
ul. Kolobrzeska 19
72-320 Trzebiatów
tel. +48 91 38 72 343

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The project co-financed from the resources of the European Fund of Regional Development.

"The innovative process line in the production of containers for secondary materials by BOEM in Trzebiatów."

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What′s new in the company

Company most important events and order realization:

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The technological potential of our company allows to provide following services:

  • powder painting
  • shot peening of old steel structures from rusts, carbon deposits and other sediments as well as preparation of elements and steel structures for painting
  • ordered works of metal sheet tooling
  • welding
  • ironwork

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Unia dla predsiębiorczych - program konkurencyjność

It is to inform that in years 2007/2008 our company realised a project co-financed from the resources of the European Union.

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zakład elektryczno-metalowy BOEM

Our products

In year 2000s - 2008 we realized:

  • bodies of agricultural trailers
  • motor boat and yacht trailers
  • steel-reticular baskets for potatoes storage
  • electric boxes
  • scissor-lift tables
  • aluminium casings for navigational tools
  • safes
  • steel-containers for textiles and shoes gathering
  • universal steel containers commonly used in stockpiling and industrial logistics
  • systems of gathering and segregation of waste materials
  • acoustic isolated and properly equipped containers for biogas energy installations
  • ordered constructions

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